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Legal Consulting

Instead of hiring Bickford Blado & Botros to represent you as your Attorney of Record in your divorce or legal separation, we offer a legal consulting option. This option may appeal to you if you have the time and ability to represent yourself and you are trying to save money by not hiring an attorney. Having a legal consulting agreement will allow you to get the legal advice and assistance, but without being represented by counsel.

If you elect the Legal Consulting option you will sign an “Attorney-Client Fee and Engagement Agreement for Consulting Services” which will outline the scope of our services, your retainer fee, and other important information. Entering into a Legal Consulting agreement with our firm will give you the opportunity to call one of our attorneys to inquire as to legal strategies, obtain blank judicial counsel forms and to ask for legal advice and legal information as it relates to your divorce.

If you have entered into a Legal Consulting agreement with our firm, we will not be listed as your Attorney of Record. This means that in all pleadings and judicial counsel forms your name will appear in the caption on the top left of the pleading or judicial counsel forms along with the words “in pro per” to reflect that you are representing yourself.

Since you will be representing yourself, it is important to remember that it is your duty to keep informed of all court hearings that are scheduled by the court in your case, including, but not limited to, Requests for Order hearings, mediation appointments, Family Resolution Conferences and settlement conferences. It is also your duty to be informed of all deadlines to file paperwork with the Court. You cannot rely on our firm to furnish you with this information if you are simply consulting with us, rather than having our firm represent you as your Attorney of Record.

If you are interested in the Legal Consulting option and would like to get more information or proceed with your case, please contact Nancy J. Bickford at (858) 793-8884 to schedule a consultation. Attorney Nancy J Bickford, Esq. is the only Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) in San Diego County who is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Bickford Blado & Botros also has experienced and knowledgeable paralegals available to help with your Legal Consultation.