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General Information - San Diego Family Law

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Custody & Visitation
Read more about child custody and visitation in San Diego

Child Custody
Child Custody and Visitation
Custody and Visitation Modification
Family Court Services Mediation
Termination of Parental Rights
Grandparent Visitation Rights
Move-Away Requests
Opinion of Children in Custody and Visitation Disputes

Spousal Support
Learn more about spousal support in Del Mar

Spousal Support
Spousal Support Modification
Alimony and the Self-Support Goal
Marital Standard of Living
Unmarried Cohabitants and Palimony

Child Support
Learn more about child support in Del Mar

Child Support
Child Support Enforcement Methods
Family Support

Domestic Violence
More about Domestic Violence in Family Law

Domestic Violence
Kick-Out Orders

Read more about San Diego Divorce

Uncontested Divorce
Legal Separation
Summary Dissolution – Simplified Divorce
Default Judgment in Divorce
Mediation vs. Litigation
Court Reporters
Third Party Joinder
Temporary Orders (Pendente Lite)
Mandatory  Settlement Conference
Post-Judgment Modifications & Enforcement
Motion to Set-Aside
Family Law Appeal

Learn more about Discovery and Divorce

Discovery in Family Law
Form Interrogatories
Inspection Demands
Physical or Mental Examinations

Property Issues
Read more about divorce and property division

Division of Property
Separate Property
Community Property
Quasi-Community Property
Property Tracing Methods
Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Spouse's Separate Property
Division of Separate Property Business
Division of Professional License or Education Upon Divorce
Dividing Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans
Division of Insurance
Sale of Assets in Divorce
Gifts Between Spouses
Property Valuation - Art, Antiques, and Collectibles

Understanding Family Law
More about Family Law in San Diego, from the divorce lawyers at the firm

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATRO's)
Date of Separation
Grounds for Divorce or Legal Separation
Mandatory Waiting Period in Divorce
Common Family Law Terms
Reserving Jurisdiction
Premarital Agreements
Attorney-Client Privilege
Credits and Reimbursements
Marital Settlement Agreements
Divorce Judgments
Vocational Evaluation
Military Divorce Considerations
California Family Court Rules - Common Misconceptions