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Family Law Mediation

Bickford Blado & Botros is now offering family law mediation for parties who wish to avoid litigation in the San Diego family law court system. Mediation is a private and confidential process by which a specially trained mediator assists parties in identifying their points of contention and helps them to reach agreements by creating innovative solutions to resolve their conflicts amicably and peacefully.

Any case in which the parties wish to have a high level of control over the end result and are willing to make compromises is appropriate for mediation. The goal of family law mediation is to reach creative agreements which meet the needs of both parties. Family court judges are bound by the strict limits of the family code and do not have the ability to craft unique orders for each case. Often both parties leave the courtroom disappointed with the result because there are no “winners” in family law litigation. If you and your spouse would like to try to work together to resolve your disputes, an experienced family law mediator can provide valuable knowledge regarding the family law process and the rights of both parties. In addition, with experience and training in dispute resolution, a mediator can manage implicit power imbalances and navigate the dynamics of a high-conflict case.

If you are interested in mediation at Bickford Blado & Botros, please call to make an appointment for a consultation. If you and your spouse agree to pursue mediation with Attorney Bickford, she will set an appointment for you to return for your first session. As a neutral mediator, Attorney Bickford does not represent either party. She will assist both parties in completing the necessary paperwork to complete the divorce process. If mediation is successful, the parties’ agreements will be submitted to and adopted by the court without the need for either side to ever appear before a judge.