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Just In Time for Foster Youth

Just In Time for Foster Youth (JIT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young foster adolescences with opportunities for independence through urgent support, crucial resources, and nurturing individual counseling at particular landmarks on their journey to self-sustenance. Just In Time the only 100% volunteer supported organization in the County of San Diego dedicated to assisting all former foster adolescences with the support necessary to help them obtain education, employment, and life achievements. Just In Time has established itself as an indispensable element of the community.

Rather than focusing solely on foster youths that do not receive any outside assistance whatsoever, JIT also serves those foster youths that may be recipients of sponsored housing or scholarships from other authorities. JIT believes that most foster youths (even those with prior assistance) will still lack fundamental support, and therefore steps in to provide the everyday components a family may provide: immediate emergency monetary support, basic residential furnishings and the endless individual connection and support fundamental to lasting long-term development. As long as the former foster youth are endeavoring for independence (by going to college, trade school, or working a generous amount of hours), JIT focuses on those that need assistance. Once an emancipated foster youth is accepted into the JIT program, participants have standards of accountability to which they must adhere: to complete the JIT Financial Fitness training, to accept the assistance of at least one JIT champion, and to fill out and return a survey each year until they have graduated from JIT. The accountability measures serve to ensure the continued success of the youths and their programs.

JIT’s extended family model of programs, together with distinguished volunteers, ensures a child’s lasting journey towards independence and success. JIT emphasizes the requisite for long term relationships with supportive and caring adults, to achieve an education and initiate a career, to understand financial management and control, to preserve and build assets, and to develop basic fundamental needs like the setting up of a residence and the purchasing of an automobile. JIT’s mission centers around teaching youths the skills they need to achieve the goals set out by the programs in which they participate. JIT helps to implement the necessary environment and standards during these critical life junctures. The organization recognizes that providing a little help can make the difference between a dangerous and promising young life.

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